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Rosacea and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth Therapy - Testimonials

"A friend stopped me in the street and said your skin looks so much better. Thank you for the treatment." R.R., Wildwood, MO

Today is the last day of the Xifaxan for me. I have the Erythromycin from the Specialty Pharmacy to start tomorrow. I'm no longer bloated, after literally years of being bloated all the time. Cramps have significantly reduced. As an added benefit, the skin on my face looks better than ever. Approx 2002 or 2003, I went to an allergist for testing because I constantly had puffy eyes & nose, and allergy-appearing symptoms. I tested positive for NO allergies. The doctor was looking at my face and said you have something, I just am not sure what. He then said I might have Rosacea, and sent me to a Dermatologist. My face has always been a little bit red in the nose, cheeks, & forehead area, and it was starting to get bumpy. I was given Metrogel, and have been taking Erythromycin twice daily until I stopped it when starting the Xifaxin. This is the best that it has looked in years. It is very smooth, and puffiness (that I didn't realize I even had) has gone away. B.H.

After you first diagnosed my rosacea as being caused by SIBO, I got better for the first time ever. My skin was 80% better and nothing ever worked before. After that, I took Align for 1 month and realized toward the end of the month my skin was not continuing to clear. In fact, I believe it became redder, drier, and I had more pimples. I refilled the Xifaxan and finished the second ten-day course today. Xifaxan made a tremendous improvement. It reduced the breakouts, the redness, and dryness. I have a prescription for the erythromycin and plan to take that as a maintenance dose. S.L.

Improvement was mild to moderate (a definite change). Nothing had worked in the past. Also, in my groin area I have had a tendency to get a rash for years and have used powders to keep dry, extra showers, and nothing seemed to really work but that seems to have cleared up. S.M.

I have had rosacea involving my eyes for years. I told my internist how happy I am with the outcome from the Xifaxan. This has made a huge difference. My doctor would like you to send the info about this treatment. I sent a friend to your office, she had her appointment today and another friend of hers had recommended you as well. M.F., St. Louis, MO

Thank you for recommending the treatment of SIBO for my rosacea. I was initially skeptical of the cause/effect relationship but a little research made me feel more comfortable with the concept. I must admit to being surprised by the result. Within two weeks of treatment, three lesions that had not responded to laser treatments by my plastic surgeon began to clear and were gone after four weeks. My face is still clear sixty days after treatment. THANK YOU. Sincerely, T.P. Olivette, MO

After 10 days of the antibiotic, my eyes vary in redness over the day and are sometimes still very red, but overall they feel significantly better. I am very happy at this improvement. If even more is possible, that would be splendid. Two people have commented spontaneously - one on clearer eyes, another on clearer skin. C.L., St. Louis

The rosacea seems to be improving and want more refills in case I need it since I change insurance in October. Thanks. SM, Fenton, MO

My eyes are much better. There is less redness in the eye lids and white of my eyes. There is less dry feeling. AB, St. Louis, MO

After taking Xifaxan for 10 days and then 20 days of Align and 200 mg. of zinc each day, my skin is less irritated and my bloating continues to improve. Eyes are a bit irritated at times, but that is improving as well, I think. Will continue on this treatment and send pictures again in 10 days. Thank you so much for your help :). Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! J.R., St. Louis

The Xifaxan followed by Align and Erythromycin has helped with the rosacea. I have not had any red pimples, since taking SIBO treatment. There is still redness however. The symptoms of constipation have improved. I still get bloating and gas with certain fruit. JM, Metaire, LA

My visit was on 2/10/11. I filled the Xifaxan 550mg prescription and began the med on 2/11. I noticed within 4 days the rosacea began to settle and become less red. During the 14 days of taking the med I had fewer flushing episodes on my face, and my eyes felt less scratchy in the evening.
CG, St. Louis, MO