Successful treatment for IBS

In a chart review by Doctor Weinstock of his patients with bacterial overgrowth the following information was determined.
The success rate is considered to be high for treating patients with irritable bowel syndrome.
Many of these patients have had unsuccessful treatment for many years.

N = 164 patients treated for functional bowel symptoms and SIBO
(majority had abnormal LBT – included pts with IBS-D, A, and C)
Average follow up  = 2.4 years
Average number of courses of Xifaxan = 2.2 (range 1 - 8)
  Use of follow up long-term adjunctive therapy:
  Erythromycin 50 mg - 32.2%; Naltrexone 2.5 mg - 20.1%; Align - 9.1% (more than one used per patient if one failed)
Patients requiring daily Xifaxan: 4 (2.4%)
Adequate relief of symptoms: 110/164  -- 67.1%
Partial relief of symptoms: 15/164 -- 9.1%
Failure to respond: 39/164 -- 23.8%

(6 pts who failed were subsequently diagnosed with pseudooobstruction and 4 of these were temporarily better – still included in failure group;
1 pt had rash and terminated Rx;
1 pt had GI side effects and terminated Rx)